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Our Encino office is located in the West Valley Medical Center located just off the 101 with convenient private gated parking.

The team is proud to be a provider of the cutting-edge Primewave Acoustic Wave Therapy Protocol.

Trident Health Group offers solutions and restores confidence for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The practice focuses solely on therapies for male enhancement and erectile dysfunction that are PAIN-FREE, SURGERY-FREE, NEEDLE-FREE, and MEDICATION-FREE.

We work with compassion and are very discreet while restoring erectile function. The team is proud to be an exclusive local provider of the cutting-edge Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) Protocol, which stimulates nerve endings and opens up the blood vessels in the penis, enhancing sexual function and sensation.

To learn more about erectile dysfunction and how our Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) Protocol can improve your sexual performance, call or book an appointment online today.

Treating the Root Cause of Erectile Dysfunction

The Doctors and staff at Trident Health Group are passionate and compassionate about ending your erectile dysfunction at the source no matter what your health is. You are not alone, and we have helped thousands just like you achieve the youthful vitality of spontaneity, performance, and drive that was lost due to erectile dysfunction, without pills, injections, or surgery.

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