Benefits of Acoustic Wave (Shock-Wave) Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction


If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, or ED, you can experience many different issues outside of the bedroom. The problems that a lackluster sex life can cause run the gamut from mental health issues on to bad moods. This can in turn create problems for you at home, in your social circles, and even at work. Our professional, experienced staff at Trident Health Group in Thousand Oaks CA gets the critical importance of addressing the underlying causes with ED.

This is important not only as a way to boost your sexual experiences, but also every other part of your personal life. We engage in regenerative medicine to correct ED issues that will likely only worsen over time because of the lack of use and the function loss. Our approach is proactive in treating ED. It will rapidly and safely take care of these problems as well as head off potential future issues.


  • With Shockwave Therapy, you are addressing root causes instead of just the resulting symptoms
  • You will be able to enjoy spur of the moment erections as needed
  • Our clinics have lasting and demonstrable results
  • Only 21 days to obvious results
  • There are no unsafe side effects with the treatment
  • Neither invasive procedures or pain are involved with the procedure
  • Your sex will be better from stronger, longer lasting, firmer erections
  • Natural repair capabilities of your body become triggered through increased blood flow
  • The success rate is greater than 85% percent
  • Other treatments by medication are still compatible

The Importance of Early Identification and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

It is up to medical doctors to discover and diagnose erectile dysfunction as with many medical issues. Earlier treatment of the condition makes the treatment results the best possible. If you do not treat your ED, the healthier penis tissues will naturally deteriorate through neglect of this organ. Once it has substantially deteriorated, your remaining treatment options are fewer.

Correcting the issue becomes more challenging, so early on identification of the problem is critical to attain efficient and lasting treatment. Earlier diagnosis permits for more than just simpler treatment, and it also enables patients and ED doctor clinics to come up with a proactive plan to diminish the odds of additional problems for the future. By getting earlier treatment for ED, you can head off deterioration of the crucial male sex organ entirely.

A man’s overall wellness revolves around his ability to get a good erection. Such resulting poor performance will negatively influence every part of his daily existence. Diagnosing and correcting the underlying cause of ED problems in the early stages can help you return to a satisfying sex life that will benefit every other part of your life.


If you are a man suffering through from mild to moderate ED, then the Acoustic Wave Therapy will be most effective for you. This is true whatever other medical problems you struggle with, such as high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, or heart disease and . Greater than 85% percent of males going through the Acoustic Wave Therapy will enjoy obvious results that gain them a powerful erection without needing the help of pills. There are other types of treatment that men can partake of if they are not fit to go through the Acoustic Wave therapy or for those who do not experience a major improvement. This is the reason that a qualified practitioner on our staff will perform a preliminary medical assessment of the individual before they prescribe any form of treatment.

Erectile Issues and the Acoustic Wave Therapy

Among the most frequent contributing causes to ED is a vascular problem that cuts off the necessary flow of blood to the man’s penis. This stops the body from gaining or keeping a strong erection during natural arousal from a woman. This inadequate flow of blood to the man’s penis can lead to blood emptying away from the erect penis. This contributes to a weaker erection or can interfere entirely with the capability of maintaining a good, strong erection.

With the majority of ED treatments, they attempt to build a good erection without dealing with the important underlying issues. Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED is not like this. Besides its importance in treating ED, the therapy has a successful track record in a number of other medical fields. Among these are vascular medicine, urology, and cardiology.

Just as cardiologists have employed Acoustic Wave Therapy to help form new blood vessels of the heart, our staff have successfully utilized the same technology to improve growth of blood vessels in a man’s penis. We focus the acoustic waves on the male genitals to form new growing blood vessels in the tissue of the penis. In time, this will allow for sustained and greater blood flowing for attaining and keeping powerful erections once more.


Pills as a treatment for ED do not deliver a lasting or sustained answer. They do not deal with the underlying root causes of the ED. With Acoustic Wave Therapy, the pre-existing damaged and restricted blood vessels become stimulated to reform so that they can effectively bring blood to the male penis once again. After these blood vessels are regenerated, a man can easily experience a full natural erection without relying on medications to do so. By focusing on the issue, the Acoustic Wave Therapy cuts down on the need for pills and such treatments to gain and keep strong erections in a man.

Enabling Spontaneous Erections

Medications for ED have to be consumed before beginning sexual activity in order to work. They need some time to have effect. This removes all spontaneity from sex and can kill the mood. Following successful Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment, a man regains his natural abilities to achieve natural erection when aroused, cutting out the medications that need you to make plans in advance for sexual activities. Men who achieve success through the Acoustic Wave Therapy no longer have to be concerned with having forgotten their pills as they do not require them at all.

Only 21 Days to Achieve Obvious Results

It only requires three short weeks for most men to enjoy obvious results from our Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment. Following this limited time frame, a man will feel his spontaneous and natural erections returning without needing any medication. The noticeable results will encourage a more enthusiastic sex life that he can count on continuing without having to rely on other kinds of ED treatments.

The Treatment Is Safe and With No Side Effects

Clinically proven and tested, Acoustic Wave Therapy gives impressive results that continue to work for a full two or three years following the treatment application. There are always underlying specific factors that are a part of the results and success rates, but the results are more permanent in general than other types of ED treatments.

No Invasive Procedures or Pain Involved in the Treatment

This treatment is fully FDA cleared. No known side effects have been connected with Acoustic Wave Therapy treatment. There can be some minor discomfort following the treatment according to a limited number of patient complaints. This is easily treatable using over the counter pain medications. Our cutting edged equipment that does the procedure is utilized in many other medical treatments, and as such it can only be operated by a trained and capable technician, so it will not deliver any unpleasant side effects for the patient.

A Completely Painless and Entirely Non-Invasive Procedure

This is not a surgical procedure that comes with recovery time and pain. Acoustic Wave Therapy provides fully non-invasive answers to the ED problem in men. These vibrations simply stimulate the normal body’s healing process to rebuild the damaged blood vessels and so boost blood flow to the man’s primary sexual organ. Since the treatment is completely non-surgical in nature, it stands to reason that it is also entirely pain free. Patients report a minor tingling sensation during and after the procedure.

Great than 85% Percent Success Rate of Treatment

For those poor men suffering from ED, this Acoustic Wave Therapy has shown its utility in boosting the length and quality of erections for 70 percent of males who go through the procedure. There are men who do not get their hoped for results, yet the overwhelming percentage of patients report natural and strong erections for sustained amounts of time following the treatment near you in Westlake Village CA, Calabasas California, and Woodland Hills.